Powerpoint Training Course

We offer a one–day course specially designed for people with basic computer skills who have no knowledge of Powerpoint.

Although this course is aimed at people who are already familiar with computers, we can also include some basic computer skills tuition if necessary. Please let us know your requirements when you book the course.

The following topics are covered:

Getting Started
Opening Powerpoint
Toolbars and menus
Powerpoint start–up screen
Help using the office assistant
Spell checker
Saving a document
Closing a document
Creating a new presentation:
  • Blank presentation
  • Design template
  • Auto content wizard
  • Existing presentation
  • Online template
Adding on notes
Slide sorter
Inserting a new slide
Inserting a graph using a template
Inserting a new or existing object
Inserting a table
Inserting a picture/clipart
Editing text boxes:
  • Entering and editing text
  • Resizing a text box
  • Inserting a text box
  • Rotating a text box
  • Deleting a text box
Selecting text
Inserting and overtyping
Deleting text
Copy, cut and paste
Using the undo command
Find and replace
Bullets and numbering
Printing and Layout
Page setup
Viewing a slide show
Printing your document:
  • Print preview
  • Printing

Further Information

Training Schedule

Daily courses at our premises start at 10am and finish at 4pm, with an hour for lunch, and a break in mid–morning and mid–afternoon.

Refreshments are included in the price of the course, but students should provide their own lunch.


All equipment required for training will be supplied, although you may of course use your own laptop if you prefer.


Handouts and examples of exercises given during the training will be available for you to take away on a CDR for future use.

Tailor–Made Courses

We are also able to provide tailor–made courses. If there is a particular area you are keen to study, please contact us.

Open Office

Many individuals and firms are now using Open Office instead of Microsoft Office, for the simple reason that it’s free.

The two systems work in almost exactly the same way, so everything you learn on our Powerpoint course will also apply to the Open Office equivalent, Impress.