Microsoft Word Training Courses

We offer courses for intermediate and advanced users.

We also provide tailor–made courses. Please contact us for details.

Intermediate Word 2007

The following topics are covered:

(you can download these details as a PDF)

More Tables
Convert text to tables
More formulas
Exel tables
Borders and shading
Page background
Quick lines
Applying heading styles
Outline view
Customised styles
Style options
Table of Contents
Creating a table of contents
Creating from heading styles
Tag entries
Inserting a table of contents
Updating entries
Creating charts in Word
Chart data
Chart tools
Editing data
Save as template
Compare documents
Creating an index
Marking entries
Inserting an index
Updating an index
Creating a tick box
Developer tab
Legacy tools
Saving a template
Using a form
The CTRL key
Email hyperlink
Web hyperlink
Building Blocks
Quick parts creation
Inserted created block
Saving building blocks
Track Changes
Track options
Balloon options
Views of documents
Review pane
Reviewing the changes
Approve and reject
Customised shortcuts
Word count

Advanced Word 2007

This one–day course is aimed at people who have a basic knowledge of Word or those who have completed the Intermediate course and who wish to get to grips with some of the program’s more specialised features.

(you can download these details as a PDF)

Getting Started
Contextual tabs
Live preview
Mini toolbar
Office button
Quick access toolbar
Ribbons and tabs
Formatting and Fonts
Formatting options
Bullets and numbering
Changing case
Creating a drop cap
Indenting text
Line spacing
Paragraph spacing and alignment
Adding a cover page
Insert a blank page
Insert a page break
Delete a page break
Creating a tab
Different types of tab
Changing a tab type
Leader options
Spacing options
Removing a tab
Inserting a table
Inserting a table using a template
Inserting rows and columns
Deleting rows, columns and tables
Changing cell measurements
Split tables and cells
Merge cells
Repeating header rows
Sorting data
Calculating values
Table tools
Drawing a table
Insert an excel spreadsheet
Header and Footer
Header and footer toolbar
Insert a custom header or footer
Insert a predefined header or footer
Different header on first page
Mail Merge
Using the wizard
Email merge
Setting up recipients
Using Outlook contacts
Filtering and sorting
Match records
Merge fields
Insert a bookmark
Insert a hyperlink
The CTRL key
Email hyperlink
Web hyperlink
Building Blocks
Quick parts creation
Inserted created block
Saving building blocks
Graphics and Pictures
Printing and Layout
Print preview
Margins nd orientation
Printing an envelope
Printing labels
Useful Tips
Side by side viewing
Creating a PDF

Further Information

Training Schedule

Daily courses at our premises start at 10am and finish at 4pm, with an hour for lunch, and a break in mid–morning and mid–afternoon.

Refreshments are included in the price of the courses, but students should provide their own lunch.


All equipment required for training will be supplied, although you may of course use your own laptop if you prefer.


Handouts and examples of exercises given during the training will be available for you to take away on a CDR for future use.

Tailor–Made Courses

We are also able to provide tailor–made courses. If there is a particular area you are keen to study, please contact us.

Open Office

Many individuals and firms are now using Open Office instead of Microsoft Office, for the simple reason that it’s free.

The two systems work in almost exactly the same way, so everything you learn on our Word courses will also apply to the Open Office equivalent, Writer.